Fees & Payment Methods

My fees are competitive with other local childminders, yet I am the ONLY childminding service in the area that has been graded OUTSTANDING by OFSTED and reflect the number of hours and the quality I put into my business.

Childcare fees:

The fee for childcare is charged at £4.00 per hour, which is paid in advance on the last week of each calendar month.

If you would prefer to pay weekly, the fee is paid on a Friday a week in advance prior to service being provided.

Parents agree the childcare fees are due regardless of attendance. If you require for example Monday 8-6 every other week, you will be charged every Monday regardless of attendance to keep your place. Because you require that Monday place, I am unable to then offer it to another child and would be keeping the place open for free.

Fees are payable by cash or bank transfer by 9am on the date shown on your invoice.

We accept childcare vouchers.

If your child is term time only you will still be charged during the school holidays to keep your place at Hazey Dayz.

Additional charges:

Meals: All snacks and drinks are provided free of charge and I ask parents to provide your child with a lunch time meal. If for any reason you forget to provide one, your child will be given a meal with a cost of £2.50 added to your next invoice.

Late payment fee: If I have not received your childcare payment on the agreed date stated on your invoice by 6:00pm there will be a £5.00 late charge per day added to your invoice, this includes weekends. If payment is not received within 3 days, including the late fees, your child will not be accepted into our setting until payment has been received. If 7 days pass without payment being made, the childcare will be terminated and the collection process will begin.

Late collection fee: If you are late collecting your child you will be charged your hourly fee of £4.00 for the extra hour, by late collection I mean 15 minutes after your collection time, so if your child is booked in until 5:00 and you collect your child at 5:20 you will be charged for the extra hour.


I am a childminding service not a babysitting service so full sessions are required so I can plan activities and structured play to comply with OFSTED and the EYFS.
If your child is ill or has a holiday you will be charged for the session you have booked regardless of attendance
If you already have contracted hours the new sessions do not apply to you until you make any changes to your contract.


All sessions are to be paid in advance either weekly or monthly as agreed on signing of contract.
Any extra hours or money owed to you will be amended on your next invoice.
If payment is not received I will not accept your child.
I accept cash, childcare vouchers and bank transfers.
All invoices to be paid by close of banking on the date shown on your invoice or a late fee will be applied.
If there is an issue with your childcare vouchers you will be expected to pay the amount due and then you will be refunded once the vouchers are paid.

Childcare Vouchers

Here is an image of the different childcare vouchers we accept as payment. Don’t see the one your workplace listed then get in touch as we are happy to accept them.



What you are paying for

You are paying for my services
Childcare insurance and registration with OFSTED.
Snacks and Drinks.
Overheads, such as heating, electricity etc.
Cost of petrol for school runs and business insurance.
Purchase of toys, activity resources, business paperwork and essential equipment.
Relevant training to give your child the best service I can offer.
Please note, if payment is not received within 3 days, including all late fees, your child will not be accepted into my home.  If 7 days pass without the payment being made, the childcare services will be terminated and the collection process will begin.


Quality childcare is not expensive it is priceless & just because it is based at my home it is still a business!