Info & FAQ

If you have a question that we have not answered below feel free to contact us.
How long have you been childminding?I registered as a childminder on the 15th June 2009.

Who are you registered with? I am registered with Ofsted, please ask to see copies of my registration certificates. We have enhanced CRB checks and I was graded “OUTSTANDING” in my last inspection February 2018.

Who are you insured with? I have childminding insurance with Morton Michel.

What time do you open? I open 7:00am – 6:00pm – Monday to Friday I DO NOT work weekends or bank holidays

How long do you intend to childmind for? I own my own business and have the best job in the world, I intend to childmind for as long as possible.

Do you charge for sick days? Yes, if you are not attending due to sickness childcare fees are still due. If I close due to illness there is NO charge.

What activities do you do with the children? All our activities are planned around each individual child, the more information you can give me about your child’s interests the better, I link all learning with home.

What drinks do you give the children? The children are offered milk or water. They each have a cup which is filled up and available throughout the day

Do you keep a file about a child’s progress? Yes, if your child is aged between birth and 4 years, your child will have an individual Learning Journeyfull of photographs, observations and comments from home.

What happens if I am running late? If you are able to, please contact me as soon as possible so I am aware you are running late, (please do not phone whilst driving!) If you are unable to contact me, I will contact you after 15 minutes and if you are still unavailable, I will contact your child’s emergency contacts. You will be charged for the hour.

What do I need to provide?Appropriate clothing as we play out in all weathers! spare clothing (a set to be left here), wipes, sun cream, packed lunch, any creams and medication etc.

How do payments work? Payments are made a month in advance. Any extra hours/days goes onto next month’s bill. I ask that payments are made on the last week of each calendar month – usually around the 28th but I can work with parents if you get paid on another date. I also accept childcare vouchers.